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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Methi Paratha - Thepla - Fenugreek Tortilla

While growing up, we used to grow fenugreek/methi at home very often. Fenugreek seeds are often used as a spice and so the pantry was always well stocked with these. It is an easy crop to grow. It takes about a couple of weeks for the plants to grow to about 6-8 inches at which point one would harvest it. I haven't grown this for the last few years, however I do come across it once in a while in the local Asian store. I usually make a stir fry or parathas/tortillas using the fenugreek leaves. These make a great travel food as they last for a couple of days without needing refrigeration. Also, if you freeze these tortillas, they will last you upto a few weeks.

1 bunch of fenugreek/methi leaves, about 1 cup of leaves, chopped
red chilli powder to taste
salt to taste
1 cup besan/gram/chickpea flour
whole wheat flour - enough to knead the dough
1/8 tsp turmeric
water to knead the dough
2 tbsp oil
few tbsps oil to cook

Mix together the chickpea/besan flour, methi leaves, wheat flour, salt, chilli powder and turmeric. To this add 2 tbsp of oil and then add a little water at a time till the dough is formed. The resultant dough should be soft and easy to roll out. Take about a fist full of dough at a time and form a round ball (approximately 2 inches in diameter). Then roll it out into a flat disc till its about 6 inches in size and about 1/8 inch in thickness. It shouldn't be rolled out too thin else the tortilla will tear when you lift it up. Then roast the tortilla on one side till slightly cooked. Flip it over, add a little oil to the pan and let this side cook completely. Then flip it back and cook the partially cooked side completely. Serve with some yogurt or raita and pickle.

Keep the dough covered with a damp (not wet) cloth so that the dough doesn't dry out. Parathas are generally served with yogurt dips, pickle, butter and even ketchup. If you freeze the parathas, just put in the microwave and thaw or reheat in a pan on stovetop.


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