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Eggless Desserts

Gajar Halwa/ Carrot Pudding
Strawberries and Cream, Absolutely Heavenly
Modak, Sweet Steamed Dumpling
Modak-Sweet Baked Dumpling
Puran Poli
Puran - Sweet Yellow Lentils
Dudhi/Doodhi Halwa- Squash Pudding
Chirote/ Chiroti
Mango Kulfi/ Ice Cream
Shahi Tukra/ Royal Bread Pudding
Shrikhand, Sweet Yogurt
Nariyal Barfi - Coconut Burfi/Coconut Fudge
Shakkar Pare/Shankar Pali/Sweet Fries
Besan Laddoo/Laadoo - A Sweet made from Chickpea Flour
Dharwadi Pedha/ Kandi Pedha - A Delicacy made from Milk
Wheat Pudding - Gahu chi Kheer
Sweet Puffed Rice Balls - Kurmura/Murmura Ladoo
Rasgulla/Rosogulla - A Cottage Cheese/Paneer Dessert
Kaju Katli/Kaju Barfi/Cashew Mithai/Cashew Marzipan
Gujia/Karanji/Nevri/KarjiKayi - Indian Empanadas
Kesar Pedha/Peda - A traditional Indian sweet
Beet Root Halwa/ Beetroot Pudding
Sesame Seed and Peanut Fudge- Til Gul Vadi/Wadi
7 Cup Barfi/Vadi- 7 Cup Fudge
Phirni (Firni) - A Delicious Rice Pudding
Multigrain Laddoo/Ladu - Multigrain Sweet Balls
Rava Laddoo/Ladu - Sweet Semolina Balls
Mango Barfi/Mango Vadi/Amba Vadi
Champakali- A Diwali Delicacy
Apple Crumble- A delicious fruit dessert
Sweet Mini Fruit Tart Crust

Coconut Beetroot Barfi/Fudge

Papaya Halwa/Papaya Pudding
Mango Kalakand
Gulkand Sheera/Halwa - Rose flavored cream of wheat pudding
Sutarpheni/Sutarfeni - A Delicacy
Sutarpheni/Sutarfeni - Take Two- The Professional Version
Mahim Halwa/ Ice Halwa


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