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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cooking Tips Blog from Recipes for all Occasions

Dear Blog Readers,

I always provide tips at the end of each recipe. I am always looking for ways to improve or simplify recipes and try to provide tips that have helped me. Many of these tips apply across many recipes.

I refer to my blog often while cooking (it is my recipe notebook). During this process I realised that it would be great to have tips related to a specific method of cooking or a type of food, all in one spot. After contemplating about it for a while, I have started a new blog. I will consolidate tips, and categorise them appropriately, and post them ever so often. I will also try to incorporate pictures to demonstrate techniques and this will provide a go to site for helpful cooking tips.

Your feedback is welcome and highly appreciated. 

The link to the site is


It can also be found on the right side of our home page under the "My Blog List" section.

Thank you,

P. S. Gokhale


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