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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed beans are no-soak beans. They do not need overnight soaking or very long cooking time. This is a simple recipe and delicious too. It takes about  five minutes to put all the ingredients together. If you pressure cook it or use canned beans, the entire recipe takes about 15 minutes including preparation and cooking. It will definitely be a recipe that you will come to rely on. It makes life easier on busy evenings when you are running late. It's faster than ordering a pizza.  It taste great with tortilla or with white rice.

Note: If you are using canned beans do not pressure cook, as these are pre-cooked. Also, the net cooking time will be shorter.

1 cup uncooked black eyed beans or 1 can black eyed beans (these would be pre-cooked)
1 tbsp oil
1/8 tsp mustard seeds
1/8 tsp cumin/jeera seeds
3 tbsp shredded unsweetened dry coconut
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
red chilli powder to taste
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar
2 cups water (use 1 cup water if using canned beans)

Heat the oil. To this add the mustard and cumin seeds. Once they being to crackle, add the garlic, coconut and stir. Add the uncooked black eyed beans (if using the cooked canned beans, drain and rinse them out) and stir. Add chilli powder, salt and sugar. Add the water and cook till the beans are completely cooked.  If cooking directly in the pressure cooker, cook it till the the appropriate pressure is reached (that is 2 whistles in my cooker) and then turn off the heat.  Once the pressure is released, open the lid and mix well. You can add a little more water and boil it all together, if you want the gravy to be thinner. Serve hot with rice or chapati.

If using the Instant Pot, I use the beans mode and natural pressure release. These are however quick cooking and about 12 minutes in manual mode, high pressure with natural pressure release will also work.

Note: If you cook it in a regular vessel, it will take about 30 mins or more for the beans to cook and become tender.

This is a recipe which is perfect to cook direcly in the pressure cooker. You can also use canned black eyed peas which are already cooked. If using this, do not cook it in the pressure cooker.


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