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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Veggie Patty/Cutlet

I enjoy eating garden burgers and vegetable sandwhiches. However, just plain veggies and cheese do not provide enough flavor, protien and are not that filling, so I end up opting for sandwhiches with patties. Most of the times the option is a black bean patty or a previously frozen "vegan burger". I haven't come across too many well made or fresh vegetarian patties. So, I decided to make veggie patties at home. I froze a couple and soon realized how handy they were. Many a time, I use these patties to make sandwhiches for a quick dinner. They are tasty, quick and easy to make.

1 cup soy chunks/granules - soaked in water (soak for at least 1 hour)
2 medium potatoes - boiled and mashed
1 carrot - grated
1 tbsp cooked rice (white or brown)
2 tsp garlic and ginger paste
salt to taste
red chilli powder to taste (you can also use finely minced green chillies)
corn meal/rava/bread crumbs to coat the patty
1 tbsp oil to cook the patty
1-2 tsp cornflour if needed

Squeeze the water out of the soy granules. If using chunks, chop these into small pieces after draining the water. Then mix together the potatoes, carrots and soy. Add ginger-garlic paste, salt and the chilli. and knead it all together into a dough. You may need to add the cornflour if the dough doesn't come together. Then a small ball of this mixture and pat it out to make a patty. Roll it in the corn meal/rava/bread crumbs and set aside. Make all the patties. Add oil to the pan and then cook these patties on both sides till well browned.
Eat them as is or use them to make sandwhiches. You can use this template to make your sandwhich.Add the patty to your sandwhich.

You can make smaller sized patties and serve with ketchup as appetizers. You can substitute carrots with other vegetables. You can also add a mix of vegetables as well. Potatoes act as the binding agent, so make sure to adjust the proportion when you add more vegetables. You can also use leftovers like rice or previously made vegetables to make these patties tastier.

1 comment:

  1. Soy can be taken out from the recipe and it still tastes good.